Our 2nd Pinup photo Shoot is done and it was a blast.  This photo shoot project was months in the making because we did a thorough search to find the perfect model to be our newest pinup model.  We did a casting call on a modeling site where a dozen models asked to be our pinup model.  We ended up choosing Melanie Tillbrook of Miami, Florida because she is amazingly beautiful and she is a very experienced model.  Here is a link to Melanie’s personal site.

We could have shot the photos for our pinup project in a simple studio with a white screen but we wanted  site that had at least 1 tank or jeep.  We were very fortunate to find the Armed Forces History Museum located in Largo, Florida.  The museum is one of the bests military museums you will ever see and I encourage you to visit if you are ever in the Tampa, Florida area.  The museum has all kinds of WW2 vehicles and exhibits in a very modern facility.  Here is a link to the museum site. The museum staff was awesome and happy to have us shooting in their museum.

As you can see by the above photos the museum has some really awesome vehicles and displays.  These vehicles and displays were the perfect setting for our pinup shoot.  We visited the museum twice before the shoot to decide on scenes or our shoot and also to test our lighting and camera.  The museum has typical dark lighting that you would expect to find in a museum and it presented a challenge because shooting in low light can be tricky.  We brought our own lighting into the museum along with a white screen to get some shots of the model that we could use on our own backgrounds.  Below are some of the shots from our photo shoot with Melanie Tillbrook.  Melanie was awesome to work with and the images would not have come out as good as they did without her help.  We know the soldiers in the United States Armed Forces are going to love these new posters.