About Us

USA Military Posters is a subsidiary of Bassett Enterprises, LLC.  We are a full service graphic design and print company located near Tampa, Florida.  We are a Military & Law Enforcement family who are passionate about our country and the men and women who serve in the Military and Law Enforcement.

We print all of our posters in-house on a Canon wide-format printer that allows us to print high-quality images.  We use premium poster paper that gives our posters a professional look that will impress you.  We use the maximum amount of ink that our printer will allow which produces a thick and rich-looking image.  Other companies who produce posters use very little ink and print on basic poster paper which produces a thin and dull looking poster.  You will be proud to display any of our posters on your wall.

We have expanded our line of products, including coffee mugs, drink tumblers, etc.  Continue to check our site for new and unique designs that are always available with customization.

We can customize any product by adding a Soldier’s name, military unit,  insignia, etc.  We can also change the text on any product.  Our customization fee is $14.99.

We ship via USPS within 24 hours on most orders.  We have a variety of sizes already available for our posters, however if you require a larger size,  contact us for a quote.

We are always looking for great military pictures to use for new product designs. If you have a picture you would like to share, please let us know!  If we use your picture to make a new poster design, we will send you the new poster design as a thank you.

Feel free to email us anytime by clicking here