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New Military Pinup Photo Shoot

Our 2nd Pinup photo Shoot is done and it was a blast.  This photo shoot project was months in the making because we did a thorough search to find the perfect model to be our newest pinup model.  We did a casting call on a modeling site where a dozen models asked to be our pinup model.  We ended up choosing Melanie Tillbrook of Miami, Florida because she is amazingly beautiful and she is a very experienced model.  Here is a link to Melanie’s personal site.

We could have shot the photos for our pinup project in a simple studio with a white screen but we wanted  site that had at least 1 tank or jeep.  We were very fortunate to find the Armed Forces History Museum located in Largo, Florida.  The museum is one of the bests military museums you will ever see and I encourage you to visit if you are ever in the Tampa, Florida area.  The museum has all kinds of WW2 vehicles and exhibits in a very modern facility.  Here is a link to the museum site. The museum staff was awesome and happy to have us shooting in their museum.

As you can see by the above photos the museum has some really awesome vehicles and displays.  These vehicles and displays were the perfect setting for our pinup shoot.  We visited the museum twice before the shoot to decide on scenes or our shoot and also to test our lighting and camera.  The museum has typical dark lighting that you would expect to find in a museum and it presented a challenge because shooting in low light can be tricky.  We brought our own lighting into the museum along with a white screen to get some shots of the model that we could use on our own backgrounds.  Below are some of the shots from our photo shoot with Melanie Tillbrook.  Melanie was awesome to work with and the images would not have come out as good as they did without her help.  We know the soldiers in the United States Armed Forces are going to love these new posters.

Posters from our 1st Pinup Project

Here are a few samples from our first Pinup project. These and many more from this shoot will be available on the site soon. We are also getting closer to our next pinup shoot the 2nd week of June and it’s going to be awesome.

military pinup

military pinup

military pinup

military pinup

Memorial Day

Every year on Memorial Day a national moment of remembrance takes place at 3:00 p.m. local time. So, what exactly is Memorial Day?  It’s not just a day off work for some, a reason to get together with family and friends, or the celebration of the arrival of summer.  Memorial Day, is in fact, a day of remembrance.

We honor our heroes, the men and women who died while serving in the United States Military.

Originally Memorial Day was actually called Decoration Day. It began after the Civil War and became an official federal holiday in 1971 to honor and remember all of our fallen. It has evolved today to include parades, services provided at veteran cemeteries, and TV specials.

For my family, we take a moment from our busy lives to remember our relatives who gave their lives so we could live in the United States of America as it is today. They will never be forgotten.

For all of those who have served us, we thank you.

New Military Pinup Poster Shoot

We are excited to announce that we are planning another Military Pinup shoot in June.  This will be the 2nd pinup shoot and we plan on doing 4 more.  This shoot is going to be amazing because we have an awesome shoot location and a really gorgeous model. The shoot location has a lot of WWII vehicles and displays that will make nice backdrops for our posters.  The model search was intense and we ended up selecting a model from Miami.  After the shoot we will give more details about the model and shoot location. Below are 2 preview pics of the upcoming shoot with one photo showing one of the sets at the shoot location and the other showing our model. Don’t worry, once the shoot is over you guys will know who the model is and we will give you links to her official site.  For this shoot we have adopted the motto “Go Big or Go Home”. We will have a lot of pics and video from the shoot so follow us on Instagram.

military museum

Site of our upcoming photo shoot!

Our Model for the Military pinup poster

Our Model for the Military pinup poster





Operation Neptune Spear Poster

Operation Neptune Spear

Here is a look at a very exciting project we have been working on for the past 7 months.  We commissioned this artwork depicting the US Navy Seals raid on Bin Laden’s compound.  We wanted to commission artwork on Operation Neptune Spear because it was such a historic operation.  We spent a lot of time looking for an artist who had done military designs in the past.  We love the illustration and we think the Navy Seals will love it.

Photo shoot for upcoming pin up style posters

Here are some photos from our photo shoot for our military style pin up posters.  Joel Nelson is the talented photographer who shot the photos and the model is Danielle Rose. Check her out on Facebook @DanielleRose. Joel’s website is here.  We found Joel when we stumbled across some of his photos online and instantly fell in love with his style.  We contacted Joel and he was excited to be part of our pin up poster project.

Joel has shot a lot of models in the St. Paul, MN area so we were confidant he could find us the right model for our project.  Joel went to work finding models interested in the shoot and we narrowed the field down to Danielle Rose and 1 other model.  We ultimately chose Danielle after seeing some of her previous modeling pictures.

Now that we found what we thought was the perfect model for our shoot we needed Joel to find some guns for the shoot.  Joel came through by finding FMXW Arms who would furnish some guns to make the posters look authentic.  Check out their site here.  We did a lot of searching for sexy military outfits and shoes because the outfit was almost as important as the model.

We were not present for the photo shoot because we are down in Florida and Joel is up in the cold in MN.  The photos Joel took came out better than we hoped and below are some of the photos.  Once Joel finishes processing the photos we will start designing some posters and other products.  We will post an update on the blog once the posters are released.

sexy military poster

Danielle Rose



sexy military poster

Danielle Rose and Joel Nelson


Danielle Rose, Joel Nelson, and the guys from FMXW Arms.

Danielle Rose, Joel Nelson, and the guys from FMXW Arms.

Military Cigars

We are very excited to announce that we have launched a new site that offers Military Themed Cigars, Humidors, etc.  We started American Hero Cigars because we are cigar lovers and we know many soldiers who also enjoy cigars.  We can create a custom Cigar Label for your unit or for any special occasion. We can also create a custom cigar humidor with your photo, artwork, insignia, etc. We are starting off with 2 types of cigars but more will be added down the road.  The cigars we are selling are the cigars we smoke and we know you will enjoy them.  Please check out the cigar site by clicking here.

President George W. Bush Quote Posters

Here are some US Military Posters featuring a famous quote by President George W. Bush.  We love this quote and it goes well with the US Military Photos used for the posters.




us army poster





Military Mugs

We are now putting some of our designs on coffee mugs, tumblers, and bottles.  Only a few designs are on the site now but more will be added.  Any of our poster designs can be put on a mug or bottle so if you have a design that you like and want it on a coffee mug, tumbler, or bottle just email or call us and we will get it done.  We can also do custom mugs with images you provide or we can use stock images with any text you want.  Below are examples of mugs we have done.  As you can see the images look really good on the ceramic mugs because they are baked on with a heat press.

navy seals mug

navy seals mug

New Military Wall Decal Posters (Self-adhesive, moveable, reusable vinyl)

We are excited to announce that we are now carrying a new vinyl paper product that enables us to print military posters that are self-adhesive (no poster frame needed), moveable & reusable.  They are just like the Fat Head wall decals you may have seen advertised on television where they show a wall decal of a popular NFL player.  The great thing about this product is you will not have to buy a poster frame for your poster because you simply peel off the back of the poster like a sticker and you stick it your wall.  Later you can peel the poster off the wall and move it to another wall where you will stick it on the wall with ease.  It can be repositioned as often as you like and you can stick on drywall, metal, and smooth concrete walls.  No more putting holes in your walls to hang your posters.  Here are some photos of me with the new product.

military wall decals

military wall decals

military wall decals

military wall decals


Here is a poster I just printed that I wanted to share because it looks awesome.



27X40 Poster Size

We now offer larger poster sizes for all of our posters and the image below demonstrates just how big the 27X40 poster is compared to the popular 18X24 poster size.  As you can see the 27X40 poster is massive but looks very impressive on a wall.  If 27X40 is n0t large enough for you can have any poster printed 40X60 which is the aircraft carrier of poster sizes.

27x40 poster size

Military Holiday Card Poster

Here is something new we are doing that we will market more in 2014. This is a 24×36 Holiday Greeting Card Poster that we did for someone stationed in the Middle East.  The client sent us the picture and we made the Holiday Poster which we then printed, wrapped in Christmas wrapping paper and mailed to his daughters.  We think it will be a unique way for soldiers and contractors to send a large Greeting Card Poster to their family.



You can see by the photo below just how big the 24×36 posters are.  They are massive and require a lot of ink but they look stunning when framed and mounted on a wall.

2013-12-08 22.29.49

US Navy Seals “Creed” Poster Designs



navy seals posters


Here are the US Navy Seals “Warrior’s Creed” posters that I have designed. I’m trying to offer a variety of designs with the Seals Creed because the Creed is so popular.  The Navy Seals Creed is a real motivator and anyone could use this creed to motivate themselves or others.  My favorite design so far is the first motivational poster at the top that is the “Scratched Metal” version.  I love the scratched metal look over the United States Flag.  These posters can be customized with a name, unit name, insignia or anything you want.  Poster sizes are 18×24 and 24×36 but we can print any size up to 44 inches wide.  Click this link to visit a cool site called NavySealsDotCom.  If you have any Navy Seals photos that you think would make a great poster please email me and if I use any of your pics you get the poster I make free.  These motivational posters can be found in our store by clicking here.

New US Navy Seals Montage Poster Design


Here is a new US Navy Seals Motivational Poster that I designed using the montage style where I blend multiple photos into one scene. This style is fun to do and I love the way it turned out.  I added a very subdued photo of the US Navy Seals Symbol laying with the Medal of Honor.   This is motivating poster that any fan of the US Navy Seals would love to hang on their wall.  I can customize this by adding your photo or adding a name or unit number.  Check out the official US Navy Seals site here.